Giving Back

Making a Positive Difference

Four core values help define our company culture: Giving Back, Sustainability, Health & Wellness, and Financial Independence. We give to show God's love to people by meeting their physical needs, building relationships, and sharing the gospel message.

70% of children in India are illiterate

Over 330 million objects of worship in India. 412 people million have never heard the name of Jesus.

Giving Back Around the World

At Granger Group, we encourage our team members and their families to use their time, talents, and treasures to be "kingdom builders." This means that we try to make an eternal difference in the lives of others both locally and globally.

We support many local organizations here in West Michigan, but are most involved with two international organizations: Mission India and Operation Lifeshield.

Mission India

Mission India helps Indian churches and indigenous mission agencies plant churches that plant churches. Gary Granger began working with Mission India in 1992, and the company has continued to support the organization.

By training Indian partners to start churches in unreached villages, Mission India is equipping ordinary men and women to serve as dynamic local leaders. They are carrying the Gospel message of hope into remote jungle villages, impoverished rural communities, and urban slums. Over the last five years, we've helped Mission India plant more than 50,000 new worshiping groups, graduate more than 397,000 adults from literacy school, gather more than 6.8 million new followers of Christ, and reach more than 22 million children with the Good News.

Operation Lifeshield

Operation Lifeshield is an emergency campaign to save innocent lives by providing Israel's threatened communities with air raid shelters.

Granger Group works with Operation Lifeshield to help protect the hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens that live under the constant threat of rocket and missile attacks.

We've sponsored the construction of shelters near kindergartens and schools in Sderot and other communities in the south of the country to protect children from the rockets launched from Gaza.

Organizations We Support