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Granger Group designs and develops real estate projects for healthcare systems across the United States. We've delivered solutions for post-acute care, senior living, outpatient ambulatory centers, and wellness—plus the nation's first Health Village.

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Granger Group delivered construction on this 300,000-square-foot medical wellness center for Genesys Health Park in 8 months.

"The Granger Group's ability to model off balance sheet financing while still providing the benefits of ownership allowed this project to become a reality."

Designed with You in Mind

A History of Innovation

From innovative financing options that minimize your risk to collaborative design-build partnerships that save you money, Granger Group thinks differently.

In 2003, we pioneered the Health Village model, an approach to wellness that drastically improves patient satisfaction and quality of care by integrating healthcare, senior living, hospitality, and retail into one healing environment.

Your Strategic Partner

We work with you to navigate the complexity of the healthcare real estate environment and find opportunities to create value.

Solving complex problems begins with knowing how to ask the right questions and making sure the right people are in the room. By bringing many disciplines under one roof, Granger Group provides a single point of accountability for your project. This integrated approach saves you time, money, and ensures a quality end product.

Smart, Sustainable Design

Your space is a more than just a place to house your organization: it's a business tool. We translate your business objectives into real estate solutions with measurable returns. Which means we focus relentlessly on creating a sense of place that empowers your people and work processes.

Part of that includes sustainable design and development. We always use eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems to design pleasant, human-centered spaces.

Whether your project is build-to-suit or a renovation, we create healthy and energy-efficient buildings that preserve your money, serve your people, and conserve the environment.

Guaranteed Cost and Schedule

We estimate accurately and deliver flawlessly—on time and on budget. Every time.

2.5 Million square feet

$1B Total Project Cost

"The Granger Group's vision and insight is helping Metro Health achieve exactly what we envisioned."

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Invested In Your Success

As both your investment and development partner, we're personally—and literally—invested in your project's success. From investment financing to cost-effective design and long-term asset management, we're your strategic guide through the entire real estate development process. As a result, we deliver the results you need—on time and on budget.

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