Minnesota Valley Surgery Center

Burnsville, MN

Project Overview

The Orthopedic Consultants of Burnsville, Minnesota project consists of the construction of a new ambulatory surgery center (ASC), orthopedic clinic, tenant suite, imaging center and physical therapy suite. The project represents a total of 49,000 square feet. The ASC portion of this project represents approximately 12, 300 square feet and consists of three full-size operating rooms with associated sterilization, decontamination, processing, and packaging and storage facilities.

Project Strategy:

The Minnesota Valley Surgery Center project of Burnsville, Minnesota, a 49,000-square-foot, 2-story cutting-edge medical facility, was occupied by Burnsville Surgical Center and Orthopedic Consultants in September 2006. The Granger Group took the physicians’ concept from vision to reality, helped them secure the financing they needed, and constructed a cost-effective, solid facility with proven design based on program needs and a supportive business plan.

The first floor is home to the surgery center, which contains three full operating rooms with associated sterilization, decontamination, processing, and packing and storage facilities. The surgery center also has a procedure room and a 14-bed post acute care unit. It has a nurses’ station, men’s and women’s locker rooms, and its own administrative, billing, and records storage. It shares on centralized waiting and patient discharge area with an Imaging and Diagnostic Testing area. The MRI suite contains a DEXA room, a control and equipment room, a viewing room, and its own administration, billing and records storage.

The second floor is home to Orthopedic Consultants, PA. This clinic houses 10 private doctors’ offices, five exam pods each with five exam rooms, three casting rooms, two x-ray rooms, and its own administrative, billing and records storage. It shares one centralized waiting area with a physical therapy practice. The physical therapy suite consists of five treatment rooms, a hand therapy area, an exercise room, men’s and women’s restrooms, and its own administrative, billing, and records storage.

Twenty-five surgeons currently perform orthopedic procedures, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, pain management, podiatry, ophthalmology, and general surgery at the facility. The Minnesota Valley Surgery Center now provides its patients an alternative facility for outpatient surgery, together with the convenience of seeing their doctor, on-site MRIs, and post-surgical physical therapy, all under one roof!