City of Mason: City Hall

Mason, MI

Project Overview

The City of Mason project consists of the new construction of a 26,100-square-foot, 3-story building representing the City of Mason’s City Hall and Police Department, including its Council Chambers, Community Center, administrative office spaces, a sally port, and locker room facilities.

Project Strategy

The design of this facility delivers a secure, flexible, high performance building that focuses on the employees - supporting the ways that people work and the processes in which they engage. The building’s brick, cast stone and glass exterior has been designed to portray the City’s strength and stability, while minimizing initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs. The shape of the building itself supports more effective interior planning, provides additional square footage, accommodates future expansion, and completes the building’s traditional design.
Utilizing sustainable building practices and maximizing natural daylight, this state-of-the-art facility will deliver reduced energy consumption. Moveable walls and a “raised floor” design, with under-floor distribution of both cabling and HVAC, will provide the City with enhanced value and life-cycle function, along with a healthier, more flexible environment that will increase the City’s flexibility in adapting to organizational changes and deliver efficiencies in workplace reconfiguration. 

This successful project collaboration began with The City of Mason’s Request for Proposal for their new City Hall. Upon receiving numerous responses to their RFP, the City narrowed its selection to two firms—a firm employing the traditional design approach and Granger Group. The City originally chose the path of the traditional construction method, but after spending five months of work on the project, realized they could not achieve the high performance environment they sought, at their originally budgeted price, using traditional construction methods. The City then invited Granger Group back to revisit their proposal. 

To assist the City in achieving their facility as it was envisioned, Granger Group led the City through a two-day design charrette process. At the charrette’s conclusion, the City’s Planning Department and City Council unanimously agreed to cancel their original contract and award their contract to Granger Group.