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Granger Group has partnered with premier health systems across the nation for more than 15 years. We've designed, financed, and developed patient-centered environments for hospitals, surgery centers, and long-term care—including the nation's first Health Village.

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Integrated Care Solutions

Granger Group creates scalable delivery models for fully integrated healthcare systems. The integrated solutions provide unique healing environments at a lower cost—all while significantly improving patient satisfaction and quality of care.

  • Healthcare

    Our pioneering Health Village model drives progress toward stronger health systems. These holistic communities integrate acute care with preventative care, primary care, and supportive services. The result is a lower cost real estate solution that meets market demands and helps ensure better patient outcomes.

  • Senior Living

    We're transforming the senior living landscape with First & Main™. Demand for senior living facilities will continue to increase over the next 10+ years, and Granger Group is poised to emerge as the premier provider of assisted living and memory care communities. This provides a unique investment opportunity for our partners.

  • Wellness

    Industry trends suggest the nation is moving toward a wellness-based model. To better manage long-term patient outcomes, health systems must play a more direct role providing wellness services. We create fitness facilities within health systems to smooth their transition to a culture of wellness and prevention.

  • Medical Hotels

    Medical hotels provide affordable, extended stay hotel suites next to hospitals. Our mixed-use developments give patients convenient access to an attractive, independent room where they can recuperate with family and friends. They also increase patient-caregiver accessibility and create extra space for health facilities.

Healthcare Market Trends

Aging Population

Advances in technology, nutrition, and lifestyle are helping to improve longevity. Every day over the next decade, 8,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65. Recent studies suggest that 6 in 10 older Americans will be managing multiple chronic medical conditions over the next two decades. These conditions and increased life expectancy will contribute to the rising demand for senior housing.

Healthcare Spending Rise

Healthcare spending reached almost 20 percent of the nation’s GDP in 2018. Per capita spending on healthcare continues to increase, driven largely by those over 55 years of age. More than two-thirds of every healthcare dollar goes to treating chronic illnesses; for older persons the proportion rises to almost 95%. An aging population could result in a tripling of long-term care expenditures. 

Growing Demand

Hospitals continue to scale back on expensive patient care for chronic conditions. At the same time, an aging population is visiting the doctor more often. This has led to increased demand for medical office space, outpatient clinics, and assisted living facilities. For families caring for an elderly loved one, assisted living provides a much better experience than frequent stays in a hospital.

2.5 Million square feet

$1B Total Project Cost

"The Granger Group's vision and insight is helping Metro Health achieve exactly what we envisioned."

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Designing The Future of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is in transition. As health systems move from a focus on volume to a focus on value, our team is pioneering forward-thinking solutions. By integrating healthcare, senior living, wellness, and hospitality, Granger Group provides holistic healing environments that improve patient outcomes, satisfaction, and quality of care.