Health Villages

Transforming Healthcare Real Estate

Health Villages integrate healthcare, senior living, hospitality, and retail into a unique healing environment that significantly improves patient satisfaction and quality of care. And the model is fully scalable to meet your needs.

Uniquely inviting and scalable approach to the full continuum of care.

Integrates healthcare, senior living, hospitality, and retail into a unique healing environment.

Designing the Future of Healthcare

The Health Village Concept

For more than a decade, health systems have been transitioning from an organizational focus on volume to a value-centered focus on patient outcomes and satisfaction. Granger Group developed the Health Village concept as the model for what health systems of the future can deliver in communities everywhere.

Health Villages bring together the full continuum of care in a Main Street-centered design:

  • Multi-specialty acute care and clinical services
  • Preventative health and wellness 
  • Senior and assisted living facilities
  • Retail, dining, and hospitality
  • Urban-style parks, bike paths, and healing gardens
  • Community and entertainment venues

Proving the Concept

In 2003, we broke ground on the first fully integrated, 100% LEED certified Health Village in the world. The 180-acre Metro Health Village includes acute care, wellness, retail, hospitality, and educational services.

The Village has helped the health system strengthen brand awareness, enhance quality of care, lower re-admissions, reduce costs and financial risks, and establish a greater connection to the community. With a grocery store, restaurants, YMCA fitness club, banks and credit unions, hotels, and parks, the Village already meets all the daily needs of the local community.

In 2014, Granger Group began a new phase of development that includes 100,226 square feet of independent living, assisted living, and memory care. And there's more to come.

2.5 Million square feet

$1B Total Project Cost

"The Granger Group's vision and insight is helping Metro Health achieve exactly what we envisioned."

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Scalable to Meet Your Healthcare Needs

The health village concept is a scalable delivery model suitable for medical campuses from 40 acres to 400 acres. Granger Group finances, designs, and develops real estate projects for healthcare systems across the United States. We'd love to work with you.

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