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Attractive Returns at a Lower Risk

Granger Capital Management offers stable, low-risk real estate investment opportunities with attractive long-term returns. We have strong relationships with investors, family partnerships, trusts, corporations, and pension funds.

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Acquisitions & Fund Management

A Proven Track Record

Since 1997, Granger Capital Management has provided low-risk opportunities to invest in real estate assets across the United States. 

We optimize cash flow for real estate assets through strategic management, streamlined operations, and swift responses to market changes. As a result, we provide attractive, sustainable returns that often exceed our investment goals.

Making Strategic Investments

It all begins by identifying sound investments—an area where Granger Capital Management excels. We use our market knowledge and experience to find opportunities just outside the radar of institutional investors.

We have carved a strong niche in healthcare-related real estate, particularly medical office buildings, surgery centers, long-term acute care facilities, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities.

By identifying real estate locations with healthy market conditions and negotiating favorable terms, we're able to acquire and develop high quality, income-producing commercial real estate.

Reducing Your Risk

Granger Capital Management has developed a regimented underwriting and due diligence process that assures each real estate asset meets a defined set of criteria.

We designed these criteria to help us make strategic investments in assets with a high probability of yielding attractive, low-risk returns.

For example, we only invest in single-tenant or specific multi-tenant assets with strong credit and long-term, triple-net leases. We do this because long-term leases open doors to more competitive financing options, reducing interest rates and refinance risk. These factors combine to provide enhanced stability—reducing risk for you.

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Protecting Your Investment

Granger Investment Property Management (IPM) ensures that the assets in our portfolio keep their value over time. We use streamlined processes and procedures to uphold the highest level of quality service. As a result, we earn consistent tenant satisfaction and high retention—which boosts liquidity and property values.

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