Granger Group moves toward adding finishing pieces in Metro Health Village

Published June 10, 2019

Posted on June 6,2019 by Joanne Bailey-Boorsma


CEO Gray Granger jokingly admits that his company, The Granger Group, is kind of getting evicted from its current location at 2221 Health Dr. SW. “[Metro Health-University of Michigan Health] is expanding and growing so much that they really just need this space,” Granger said of his company’s current home during a recent interview. “It is really exciting to see that and to see the hospital continuing to grow and meeting the needs of the residents.” It is an exciting time at the Metro Health Village, which has been rebranded to The Village, according to Granger. If you have driven by the site located near the corner of 54th Street and Byron Center Avenue, you can not help but notice all the work that has been taking place there.

The Granger Group is currently constructing the Village Life Marketplace, located on the northwest corner of Health Drive and Byron Center Avenue, across from the current structure that contains the Starbucks, Posh Nails, and Marcos Pizza. “We are very focused on health and wellness,” Granger said. “Everything ties together here. There are open site lines. People can see where they want to go to. They know that can get from one point to another point in the village without getting into a car.” One of the goals of The Granger Group has been to create a sustainable and walkable community, Granger said. The marketplace is about half of the 190-acre Village, totaling 80 acres. Being that Metro Health is the center point to the entire Village, Granger said the company wanted to incorporate as much healthy lifestyle options as possible. “What we are going to see is just a lot of activity that will build on some neat amenities like the village green,” Granger said. “It is just a fun place.”

The Granger Group has built the first two buildings, totaling about 20 square feet of retail. Last summer, the group broke ground on the construction of four more buildings. The current project includes a two-story, 20,000-square-foot mixed-use building with first-floor retail and second floor office space, which will be the new home of The Granger Group. The project also includes two single-story retail totaling 10,000 square feet. With that, the project will add more housing to Granger’s First & Main, an assisted-living retirement community. This will be a four-story, 65-unit independent living complex that will face toward Health Drive.

The Granger Group is currently in negotiations with several financial services companies and restaurants with Granger noting they are hoping to have a restaurant facing out on the current waterfall area at the Village. “I happen to think this is one of the projects that is going to make a major difference within the city we live and its gonna to be a great addition for those who live within the City of Wyoming,” Granger said. The project is scheduled to be completed in the fall. It is estimated that the entire Village project is around $2 billion. The project is a partnership between The Granger Group, Metro Health-University of Michigan Health and the City of Wyoming.