Granger Group Employee of the Month for January: Dena Russell

Published December 06, 2017

Meet our Chief of Staff, Dena Russell!

• Something unique about yourself – I still do a lot of canning.  This is a lost art and my grandmother taught me years ago and I still do it.
• Favorite TV show growing up – Walt Disney
• Favorite Hobby – Walking on the beach collecting rocks, shells, shark teeth
• What is the next bucket list item you want to cross off?  There are a few places in the US that I need to see, I have a list of travel I want to accomplish and SOON.
• Biggest Accomplishment, why?  Getting my degree in the later years of life, I didn’t finish my degree till I was in my 40s – it was a challenge while working full time.
• What is your favorite part of working at First & Main? The people.  Lots of great people work here.
• What is the most fulfilling part of your job?  The most fulfilling would be the employees and my role in helping to solve problems in the office.  I think everyone feels comfortable coming to me with issues and I appreciate that and I do my best to help them with anything I can.