Granger Group Breaks Ground on First & Main™ at Metro Health Village

Published July 31, 2014

It's an exciting day for Granger Group as we officially begin a new phase of development at Metro Health Village. Today, we're breaking ground on First & Main™, a new senior living facility that includes 100,226 square feet of independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

A Unique Design

Our unique design for First & Main™ at Metro Health Village integrates healthcare, senior living, hospitality, and retail into a healing environment that feels natural and welcoming. We pioneered the senior living facility’s “main street design” concept to give residents the community feel of a downtown boulevard. It will includes elements such as a bistro, healing gardens, art studio, spa, therapy pool, and fitness centers.

As a result, residents will have easy access to a grocery store, restaurants, a YMCA fitness club and senior living fitness center, banks and credit unions, hotels, parks, and, of course, healthcare.

The concept is transforming health and wellness real estate and raises the bar for senior living developments everywhere.

Economic Promise

First & Main™ at Metro Health Village also holds a lot of economic promise in both the short and long term. The senior living facility creates 100 jobs and will generate more than $2.5 million in wages annually. When complete, it will also boost health services such as durable medical equipment, pharmacy, physician, respiratory therapy, and nutrition and food service.

When it opens in 2015, First & Main™ at Metro Health Village will be a 102-unit senior living facility with an asset value of $22.5 Million. All units will be available for lease.

We began developing the Metro Health Village campus in 2003 and are thrilled to see it flourish. The 180-acre development is the first fully integrated, 100% LEED certified Health Village in the world, and already includes acute care, wellness, retail, hospitality, and educational services.

Granger Group and Granger Construction are working together to complete the First & Main™ senior living facility at Metro Health Village.

The official groundbreaking ceremony and reception will take place at Metro Health Village’s Granger Village Green on Thursday, July 31, at 4:00 p.m.

Contact First & Main™

To learn more about First & Main™ senior living, please call (616) 257-4311.